A co-creation solution that encourages experimental, community centered and mission-oriented innovation.

Use it for ...

Communities to engage citizen participation in developoment.

Organizations to harness their employees or member's creativity.

Hackathons and innovation events to kickstart creative ecosystems.


Hugmyndaþorpið Norðurland the north Iceland village of ideas.

Hacking Hekla a series of rural hackathons travelling around Iceland.

Nordkapp a community development process in Norway.

Iceland Tourism an industry cluster collaboration.

Þingeyri a village in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Innovasjonsdugnaden a community development event in Lofoten, Norway.

Want to use the Hugmyndaþorp platform? Contact arnar@eastofmoon.com

Funding: This project is supported by the strategic research and development program in Iceland.

Acknowledgements: The current skin is designed by Leiry Seron of Creative Democracy. Hugmyndaþorp is initially inspired by the Finnish Place to Experiment and partially based on it's code.